What Makes Us Human

“Relationships are the foundation of the human experience, but as our work team progressed through RW360, I realized how little time I spent building relationships,” says Thomas Risberg, who directs the Sober Life Program at Alliance for Youth. The nonprofit organization recently completed RW360’s Relational Wisdom program.

Relational Wisdom is an enhanced form of emotional intelligence, and RW360’s programs help develop and improve personal skills and working relationships.

According to Alliance for Youth Executive Director Kristy Pontet-Stroop, “We took turns on staff leading the lessons—facilitating discussions, scheduling the meetings—and that process alone helped build leadership skills and stronger communication within our team. The program was also interactive, which made it easier to build engagement in the lessons.”

Risberg adds, “RW360 opened my eyes to the necessity of deliberately focusing on relationships for their own sake but also as an integral part of furthering our organizational mission.”

Based in Great Falls, Alliance for Youth promotes healthy youth development through collaborative approaches to alcohol and substance abuse prevention, intervention, and treatment.

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