Warriors with Impact

Tomy Parker had pretty much hit rock bottom. A triple amputee, Parker lost his legs and the fingers on one hand while serving the Marine Corps in Afghanistan. He struggled with trauma, addiction, and incarceration before turning his life around. Now sober, Parker competes in endurance races using a wheelchair provided by Impact Montana. He also coordinates veterans’ outreach for the organization.

“Impact Montana is one of the few nonprofits that gets down to brass tacks in giving veterans and their families the help they need,” Parker says.

Impact Montana promotes overall wellness to active U.S. service members, veterans, and their families through its “thrive factors” model. The nonprofit works with fitness and holistic health centers across the state to provide low or no cost services to those who serve.

To raise funds and awareness the nonprofit held its Montana Warrior Challenge this fall, a simulated military team competition. The annual event drew more than 100 veterans, volunteers, and community members in support of Impact Montana’s mission.

“Montana has one of the highest percentages of veterans among all states and the population is growing. This brings a unique set of needs to our rural state,” according to Impact Montana Executive Director Ryan Luchau. “We’re proud to help address that need and pleased to see the community have some fun and compete in the event.”

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