Embracing God’s Love

Communal city living at God’s Love homeless shelter in Helena became a community concern during the COVID-19 pandemic. County health leaders, nonprofit organizations, and government officials joined forces to find a safe solution.

Major Philip Smith, Corps Officer for Salvation Army of Helena, and his team are playing a vital role. The Salvation Army assisted in transporting 15 children and 8 adults to the Helena Family YMCA’s Camp Child on April 24, where they will shelter in place, likely until Montana enters Phase 3 of its reopening plan. “With the residents isolated,” Smith says, “they are now safe from COVID and can safely congregate amongst themselves.”

The Salvation Army stocked a food pantry, delivers fresh prepared food daily, and helps with meal planning. The group is also helping with spiritual nourishment—an important part of the God’s Love mission.

Smith says, “Our top priority is to keep people well and safe. But we’re also standing in the gap for that spiritual and emotional base of support.”