Restoration and Renewal

Lisa and Ray found their lives completely controlled by their addictions and lost their housing. For two years the married couple visited Butte Rescue Mission (BRM) for meals and occasional emergency shelter. Butte Rescue Mission offered them a safe place despite their addiction.

“The Mission is all about meeting people where they are,” according to Sydney Erickson, BRM director. “We provide a safe, supportive space and help point them in the right direction.”

When Lisa and Ray were ready for a life change, the mission staff encouraged them to enter the Restoration Program, a sober living community. They began to thrive. By attending church and Celebrate Recovery meetings, they began building a healthy community and support network.

Through these connections they found employment, and Lisa soon received a promotion. Within nine months of sobriety, Lisa and Ray completed BRM’s Restoration Program. Today, they are flourishing. They’ve renewed relationships with their children and family, and have a vehicle, home, and supportive community.

Erickson says, “Lisa and Ray are great examples of our mission in action. Through hope, healing, love, and support, they were able to put the past behind them and create a new path forward.”

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