Partnership Criteria

The Gianforte Family Foundation partners with organizations that equip people to improve their lives in a sustainable way. Take our Partnership Self-Assessment below to help determine if your organization fits our criteria.

You are a non-profit with a 501 c3 tax filing status. 

Your non-profit organization fits within one or more of our focus areas:

  • Jobs, Education, and Entrepreneurship
  • Valuing Families and the Vulnerable
  • Christian Outreach and Discipleship
  • Bozeman Arts and Culture
  • Your non-profit work is being done in Montana or your project directly impacts Montanas.

    If your organization meets all of these criteria and is not currently a partner (i.e.: has never received a grant from the foundation) – please schedule a consultation. Our staff wants to speak with you, hear about your organization, and help you determine if partnership is the next step.

    PLEASE NOTE: The due date for the next board meeting is November 1, 2019. Applications received by this date may expect a response in some form by the end of December.

    Fathers in the Field
    support for the arts
    The Ellen Theater
    support for the arts
    Chesterton House

    Eligibility Criteria

    Tax status:  We only fund work done by organizations ruled to have tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

    Geographic location:  In most cases, our funding is limited to organizations in Montana.  We will occasionally provide funding to organizations that operate nationally, when their work aligns with our focus areas and impacts the nation as a whole.  We rarely fund work overseas unless we have a personal connection with the group doing the work.

    Funding amounts:  We do not generally fund projects where we are the sole providers of funding, nor do we like to account for more than 50% of the budget for a project (and in most cases, less).  In addition, we prefer to start with smaller amounts for organizations that we have not worked with in the past.

    Focus areas: We limit our funding to work that falls within one of our focus areas:

    If your project aligns with our criteria, press the button below:

    Begin New Application

    Q4 Application Deadline: November 1, 2019