Helping Others Helps Us

A great way to help yourself is to help others. According to a 2020 Psychology Today article, “Helping Others Is Good for Your Health,” assisting others can improve one’s own physical and mental health, happiness, and longevity.

With that in mind, ROC Wheels in the Bozeman area is engaging area veterans to build assistive devices for needy children around the world. Their Warriors program will help veterans lessen their own PTSD through “the camaraderie from working on a team, fulfillment of doing something good, and seeing how they’re ultimately helping kids,” according to Executive Director Dean Hampton. “They’re part of something that can change a life,” he says.

The vets will also develop skills in welding, CNC machining, 3D CAD, power tools, and metalworking, as they build gait trainers that allow disabled children to stand upright and ultimately increase their ability to move around.

Hampton is actively recruiting more veterans and community volunteers to bring children the gift of mobility. In all, ROC Wheels plans to distribute more than 300 wheelchairs and 15 gait trainers around the globe in 2022. “Every child deserves mobility,” Hampton says.

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