Grant Guidelines

If you are interested in requesting a grant from the foundation, the first thing you should do is review the focus areas listed below.  If your request fits within one or more of these focus areas, refer to the application and grant review process to see the steps necessary to complete your application and the review process that follows.

Please note that the Gianforte Family Foundation only funds non-profit organizations that have a 501c3 tax filing status.  You will be asked to provide your federal tax ID number on your application.

Fathers in the Field
support for the arts
The Ellen Theater
support for the arts
Chesterton House

The foundation trustees meet every quarter throughout the year and consider grant requests at every meeting.  Completed applications must be received by the due date in order to be considered at the following meeting.  We strongly encourage you to submit your application well before the due date, in the event that we need to obtain more information prior to the review.

The due date for the next board meeting is November 1, 2019. Applications received by this date may expect a response in some form by the end of December.

Focus Areas Considered

The Gianforte Family Foundation’s objective is to be effective stewards of God’s resources.  In doing this, the foundation focuses its giving primarily in the following areas.

  • Jobs, Education, and Entrepreneurship
  • Valuing Families and the Vulnerable
  • Christian Outreach and Discipleship
  • Bozeman Arts and Culture

If you are considering applying for a grant and the mission of your project or organization falls into one of these categories, you may apply online via the “Apply” menu above.

Application and Grant Review Process

Complete and submit an online application  

You can do this via the “Apply” menu above or by clicking here. If you have never received a grant from the foundation you will need to create a login name and password. If you have previously received a grant from the foundation, you do not need to create a new profile. Please contact us for your login name and password. While filling out an application, you can save it as a draft at anytime and return to it later. Once submitted, the application cannot be edited without contacting us.

 Application Received

When you submit your application, it goes through an initial review to confirm all of the required information is complete. If any additional information is needed, we will contact you.

 Application Reviewed

Applications are considered at the board of trustees meetings, which are held every quarter. We may contact you prior to the meeting to obtain specific information deemed necessary to make an informed decision.


Most applications are decided upon during the board meeting where they are initially reviewed. In some cases, more information is needed to make a decision. Either way, you can expect a response to your application within eight weeks of the submittal due date. We respond to each application regardless of the decision.


All approved requests must reapply each year for funding. We do not automatically renew grants.

support for the arts
support for the arts

Helpful Tips

Reach out first!  

Contacting us before submitting an application is in everyone’s best interest.  We can learn more about your project and advise whether it is worth your time applying. You can contact us via this website, providing a brief description of your organization and the specific project you have in mind, and we will get back to you.

 Our geographic focus

We focus the majority of our gifts on work being done in Montana.  If you are not working in Montana, and/or your project has no direct benefit to Montanans, this may not be the best fit.  If in doubt, feel free to contact us (see point above) to verify!

 Annual grants

In general, we give organizations one grant per year.  If you already received a grant from us within the past year, please keep that in mind as you time your next request.

So many projects, where do I start?

We recommend you limit your request to a specific project, especially if we have not funded your organization before.  If your request must have multiple components, please list each component, with the corresponding amount requested for it, in order of priority.

Keep it simple

Don’t feel pressured to be verbose in your application.  We don’t expect essays, simply the necessary information to understand your project and mission.  Bullet points are great!


Eligibility Criteria

Tax status:  We only fund work done by organizations ruled to have tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Geographic location:  In most cases, our funding is limited to organizations in Montana.  We will occasionally provide funding to organizations that operate nationally, when their work aligns with our focus areas and impacts the nation as a whole.  We rarely fund work overseas unless we have a personal connection with the group doing the work.

Funding amounts:  We do not generally fund projects where we are the sole providers of funding, nor do we like to account for more than 50% of the budget for a project (and in most cases, less).  In addition, we prefer to start with smaller amounts for organizations that we have not worked with in the past.

Focus areas: We limit our funding to work that falls within one of our focus areas:

If your project aligns with our criteria, press the button below:

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