Great Leaders Convene

More than 60 Christian-nonprofit leaders from across the state attended the Gianforte Family Foundation’s first-ever Great Leaders conference this spring. Participants from Pryor and Polson, to Missoula and Miles City convened in Bozeman to network, share ideas, and learn best practices from panels of experts.

Topics ranging from finances and fundraising to marketing and human resources, provided insights into the ways successful executive directors tackle the intricacies of their jobs.

“This was a fabulous event, well done on every level. Amazing turnout for the first year,” according to one participant. Another commented, “Because we are a new organization all of the presentations were of value, and the chance to meet like-minded ministries has been great.”

Gianforte Family Foundation Executive Director Catherine Koenen explained, “We want to support our nonprofit partners not just through grants, but by giving them the knowledge and know-how to succeed. By strengthening our partners, we’re also helping the many vulnerable Montana people these nonprofits serve.”

The foundation plans on making the invitation-only event an annual program.

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