Expanding Reach in Montana

When many Montana organizations curtailed services in 2020, Royal Family Kids expanded their outreach. “We’ve offered more activities to more kids than ever before,” says Amy Rowan, who with husband Joseph runs the RFK programs in Three Forks. Royal Family Kids offers foster children a summer camp as well as a mentoring program.

“Multiple donors stepped up to provide us a van,” Rowan explains, “so we are now traveling to Butte, Bozeman, Helena, and Billings. Our program grew from 20 kids to 46.”

This mobility enabled RFK to triple its activities this year, from rock climbing in Three Forks and roller-skating in Billings, to bowling in Helena and games and crafts at local churches. “We also ran more summer camps than before, though with fewer people at each camp due to social distancing requirements,” she says.

Rowan considers the social interaction essential for children. “Long-term mental health issues are far more dangerous for kids who are already vulnerable,” she says. “And long-term isolation makes their lives much more difficult.”

Royal Family Kids now serves most of Montana, according to Rowan, through its programs in Three Forks and Great Falls.

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