Care at Work

With church attendance declining in recent years, Corporate Chaplains of America (CCA) is meeting people where they are—in the workplace.

Jeff Lauver, pastor at Great Falls Church of the Nazarene, is one of CCA’s first Montana corporate chaplains. He serves Loenbro employees by providing care and insight into managing stress, anxiety, marriage, parenting, and conflict, along with spiritual care and life-skills programs.

“One day, a truck driver at a Montana mine who was finishing up for the day drove past his coworkers, waved, and then suddenly drove up an embankment,” Lauver says. “He had suffered a medical emergency and, despite efforts to save him, died on scene.”

The chaplain drove three hours each way for weeks afterward to meet with employees and help them heal. “Losing a colleague left the entire crew traumatized with emotional wounds for this driver and his family,” he recalls.

According to CCA Vice President of Donor Relations Mike Clowers, “Corporate Chaplains build permission-based, confidential, caring relationships and seek to serve employees as an extension of the heart of company owners and leadership.”

Clowers estimates that CCA served 300 people in the Great Falls and Billings areas last year. The organization plans to expand its Montana team to five chaplains by 2026, serving as many as 5,000 people.

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