Church Outreach

Community Building Packages

The Gianforte Family Foundation strongly believes the local church has a valuable, irreplaceable role to play in their community.

To help increase the capacity of local Christian churches to reach out beyond the “pews” with the love of Christ, our foundation is offering grants (up to $3,300) for new or expanding outreach and community-building programs that strengthen marriages, help individuals flourish economically, and offer addiction or trauma recovery tools.


To be eligible for this grant you must:

  1. Be a Christian church operating in the state of Montana.
  2. Select one of our pre-packaged grant options.
  3. Make sure the selected option is a new or expanding (serving more people or a new demographic) program for your church.
  4. Actively promote this program to your community, not just your congregation.

Before applying for any of the packages below, we encourage you to fully research the program to 1) determine if it aligns with your doctrine and ministry philosophy, 2) understand all potential costs, and 3) identify future lay leaders of the new program.

Our funding may not cover all costs associated with running a program, in fact, a handful of grant packages are high-investment meaning your church will need to dedicate significant time, talent, and/or financial resources to successfully execute the program. These packages are designated by an asterisk (*).

Our desire is that your church will continue this program for years to come, that lives will be transformed within your community, and God will be glorified.