A Sober Community

“I’ve always struggled with my relationship with alcohol. But it wasn’t until I found kickboxing this year that I realized I was just drinking because I was lonely and a little bored,” says Erin M. She discovered kickboxing through The Phoenix. “It wasn’t long until I was hooked on moving and hitting the bag with other people, so I became a volunteer and now lead a weekly kickboxing class at the civic center in Livingston,” Erin continues.

A nationwide program, The Phoenix offers a range of sober activities to those wanting to overcome their reliance on alcohol or other addictive substances. The nonprofit now operates in Missoula, Billings, Great Falls, and Livingston. The focus is on fostering a supportive and healthy community. To that end, The Phoenix offers crossift, kayaking, hiking, yoga, and weightlifting. Arts and crafts, family trivia challenges, recovery meetings, and online classes provide added outlets for socialization and communication. The only “cost” to participants is 48 hours of sobriety.

Erin says that she hasn’t had a drink since joining The Phoenix. “I feel amazing! I’m so grateful for The Phoenix and this opportunity to bring sober people together.”

Living sober and building friendships through The Phoenix begins here.

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