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Helping Montanans Flourish Economically and Spiritually

What We Do

The Gianforte Family Foundation supports organizations that equip Montanans to sustainably improve their lives, strengthen their relationships, and find hope.

Our Focus

Montanans through Education

Education is a key pathway for families and individuals to break the cycle of poverty and find stability.  We support initiatives that help youth and disadvantaged individuals find job skills and career paths that set them up to flourish, while providing for their families and contributing to their communities.

Strengthening Families through Ministries

Christian churches and nonprofits have a pivotal role to play in strengthening families and, as a result, the fabric of our communities.  We support faith-based work that helps at-risk youth and families grow stronger in their relationships, spiritual lives, and ability to thrive.

Restoring Individuals through Relationship

While there is brokenness all around us, there is also hope for those who are hurting.  We support faith-based efforts that bring holistic healing to individuals struggling with substance abuse, trafficking, and incarceration, helping them be restored to their families and society.

Our Impact

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